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Grant Owen

Kids know how to turn objects into living things. It's like magic... more


Our Last Show. For now…

Pots and pans in Barcelona, in Toronto, in Putney, Vermont. Your recordings of the pandemic. more


Our Show Six

Your recordings about the pandemic. more


Our Show Five

Our fifth show, made with your recordings about the pandemic more


Our Show Four

Our show....made of your recordings about the pandemic more


Our Show Three

Here is Our Show 3 ... your recordings during the pandemic. more


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  • marianne ross commented on Grant Owen: lovely conversation, erica. your sensitive qu (...)
  • Grants maternal grandmother (Deeba) commented on Grant Owen: Huh, looking back at my own childhood has me (...)
  • Erica O. commented on Grant Owen: What a treasure! Another ray of sunshine in a (...)
  • Ellen commented on Bear Man: Bear Man was very interesting listening. I ha (...)
  • jeanne commented on Grant Owen: It seems that we are very many to really appr (...)