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Problems, Episode 5: Vacation

The 5th episode of the radio drama, Problems. Joel just came back from vacation. But of course...there were problems. more


A Perfect Drive with Garret Keizer

'What good is a poem? Maybe the good lies in the fact that there’s no easy answer to that question...' more


Susan and I Talk About Cancer

Almost 50. The kids almost launched. Susan has a treatable cancer. We talk about what happens next. more


Summer Musical

Pulling off a full musical with 120 kids in three weeks. It is a fricking miracle. more


Leland Will Figure It Out

Leland and I drove to Number 10 Pond and talked about high school. And girls. And avocado toast. more


Gamelan and Subjects of Consequence

One instrument comprised of thirty instruments, played by a unique collection of individuals in central Vermont. more


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  • erica commented on Problems, Episode 5: Vacation: I know. Pam is particularly awful in this one (...)
  • Mae commented on Problems, Episode 5: Vacation: Couldn't even listen to this in it's entirety (...)
  • erica commented on Problems, Episode 5: Vacation: I think Pam is worse in this one. But it is S (...)
  • Stan commented on Problems, Episode 5: Vacation: I can't tell who I despise more, Joel, or Pam (...)
  • McClain Moredock commented on A Perfect Drive with Garret Keizer: I’ve corresponded with Garret in years past a (...)