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Victim Advocate

Stories from the people who stand with victims of crime, from investigation through conviction. more


Problems Episode 4: Coffee and Public…

A radio drama about two friends who support each other through their problems...in this episode, coffee and public school. more


Captain JP Sinclair

Captain JP Sinclair has investigated Vermont's most notorious homicides. Plus we used to play little league together. more


Brand New Life

A second conversation with T.O. about starting a new life after prison. Which is complicated. more


Deer Camp

First night at deer camp. In a snowstorm. more


Susan and I Talk About Cancer

Almost 50. The kids almost launched. Susan has a treatable cancer. We talk about what happens next. more


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  • Tom Howell commented on Captain JP Sinclair: No where will anyone find much better than JP (...)
  • David commented on Captain JP Sinclair: Great to start the day with your interview of (...)
  • James commented on Victim Advocate: Once again, Erica Heilman has brought to our (...)
  • erica commented on Problems Episode 4: Coffee and Public School: Yes. Problems is an improvised series about t (...)
  • Sarah commented on Problems Episode 4: Coffee and Public School: I am curious by the Problems Series. It's an (...)