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Vermont Private Eye

susan feature
Susan Randall talks about 15 years as a private investigator in Vermont. more



feature pic
Kevin is uneasy in the world of people. That's why he keeps his tent close by. more


Drag Out

feature image
Larry Massett and Joe Frank talk about the supremacy of their cars. It's like debate club except without facts. more


Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom feature
Being a soccer mom is harder than it looks. more


Three Weeks

An intimate conversation about the loss of a baby. What happens after the hardest thing happens? more


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  • Karen commented on Vermont Private Eye: Thank you for another wonderful and rewarding (...)
  • Minor Heretic commented on Vermont Private Eye: This is a wonderful piece of work about a tru (...)
  • Jon commented on Vermont Private Eye: Being inside this conversation was like a rea (...)
  • Denney commented on Vermont Private Eye: As was true earlier in your lives you two are (...)
  • Randy commented on Vermont Private Eye: Scratching my head trying to decide what made (...)