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Why Cooking Sucks

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Cooking...the art that yields profound shame and frustration. more


Kendall Wild, A Toast

Kendall B
Come sit on the couch and hear stories about a Vermont legend. more


A Night on Mount Shasta

Larry visits Mt. Shasta...destination for the spiritually curious. more


Michael Chorney, Music Inventor

mc solo - Copy
An interview with one of Vermont's finest musician composers. Plus? He sings. more


After the Forgetting

A show about love, family and dementia. In two parts. more


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  • Brett commented on Why Cooking Sucks: Galette us entertain you? You have. (...)
  • Kate commented on Why Cooking Sucks: I'm a pretty good cook. But I made dinner for (...)
  • William commented on Why Cooking Sucks: The This American Life mockery is hilarious, (...)
  • ralph wright commented on Kendall Wild, A Toast: Hey guys, I confess with some remorse that I (...)