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Rock Lottery

rock lottery
A commentary about risking intense shame in the name of good parenting. more


Peace, Love and Occupation?

b and j
Do we have a social responsibility to rally against Ben & Jerry's presence in the Israeli occupied territories? more


Jamie Cope in Black and White

feature image
Where do great photographs come from? more


Raw Tape

An unedited interview with a young man in Barre, starting life after jail. more



2014-04-21 16.34.07
Sounds and stories from a town. more


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  • Tamar Cole commented on Rock Lottery: Great story. No surprise. All your shows are (...)
  • Heather commented on Rock Lottery: Erica, I loved your story. It was so crisp an (...)
  • Hilton commented on Rock Lottery: Erica, this is magnificent. Social courage is (...)
  • Deb Fleischman commented on Rock Lottery: Moving and spare. Really well written, spoken (...)
  • erica commented on Rock Lottery: Hi Kristina! I don't really know how it turne (...)