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I followed Christine Hallquist in the last days of her gubernatorial campaign. She was fun. more


They Are Us, Show 7: Work

The role that meaningful work plays in the lives of those with serious mental illness more


They Are Us, Show 6: I…

Leslie hears voices. This is a story about what it’s like to be normal, from Leslie’s point of view. more


They Are Us, Show 5: My…

A story about Vermont’s only permanent, supervised housing for people with serious mental illness. more


They Are Us, Show 4: They…

In this show we look at the challenges in our community mental health care system. more


They Are Us, Show 3: Parents

What it's like day to day, year to year, to be the parent of a child with schizophrenia. more


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  • Barbara commented on Christine: What a privilege it was to get the inside sto (...)
  • Sage commented on Christine: Loved this. She's the real deal. When she tal (...)
  • Elisabeth Mandell commented on Buy Nothing Day: I just listened to this on Serius XM - PRX re (...)
  • Matt commented on They Are Us, Show 7: Work: Erica, this series is really well done. With (...)
  • Matt commented on Donate: This mental health series is really well done (...)