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Last Chapter

Last Chapter feature
When Bill was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he asked his best friend to help him die. This is their story. more


Police Log, Stolen Pie Edition

Recent calls to the Barre and Montpelier city police more


An American Life

A story about war and hairdressing. more


Six Parents. Six DCF Stories

DCF parent feature
A close look at what it's like to be a parent inside the DCF system. more


Our School

What school consolidation means for small town life in Vermont... more


Muskrat Trapper

Barry feature
Barry Forbes talks about hunting, trapping, and a life lived on Route 116. more


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  • Kimberly clatk commented on Six Parents. Six DCF Stories: DCF does not know nothing. I deal with them. (...)
  • Lalise Melillo commented on Last Chapter: This remarkable interview, with its deep huma (...)
  • Anita commented on Last Chapter: I am a hospice nurse in California and our st (...)
  • ELLEN KIRSCHNER commented on Six Parents. Six DCF Stories: Erica ..... very moving .. beautifully done. (...)
  • Delicious Ingredients: June 11-17, 2016 – Audible Feast commented on Last Chapter: […] love this piece of history and it i (...)