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Here’s a Song For You

I'm so happy it's spring. Let's take a minute and listen to some awesome music. more



Otto Feature
Two strangers meet and talk very late one night on a northbound NYC subway... more


Eyes on the Sky

Flurries will stick around, possibly turning to wet snow east of Route 2. Here is...Eyes on the Sky. more


Police Log, March 2015

Sock feature final
A thawed sock was found... more


Private Investigator

Life as a private investigator in Vermont. Not all covered bridges. more


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  • Peg Tassey commented on Here’s a Song For You: So psyched! Never heard this one before! Than (...)
  • Corrine commented on Shannon: I nearly fell off my chair when he started do (...)
  • linda coble commented on Eyes on the Sky: Tim! (Mr) Kasten! (my older daughter's belove (...)
  • Tim Kasten commented on Eyes on the Sky: Wasn't sure if this was parody at first. Bega (...)
  • Kristina Stykos commented on Police Log, March 2015: I've always loved - and read - the police log (...)