Thank you for visiting the site and considering sponsorship of Rumble Strip. This six-minute segment offers samples from a selection of our shows. A listing and links to the full shows are below. Thanks for listening.


Sampler Selections:

  1. I Am In Here: A journey into the life and mind of Mark Utter
  2. When the Food Runs Out: Conversations with Americans who don’t have enough to eat.
  3. Leland: My neighbor Leland, on death, deep space, and Revolutionary War reenactments.
  4. Robert Ford Last Ambassador: The last U.S. Ambassador to Syria arrived in the country just in time for the civil war to begin….
  5. Vermont Private Eye: Susan Randall talks about 15 years as a private investigator in Vermont.
  6. The Special Olympics Are Awesome: Excerpts from my day at the Fall Special Olympics.